Simple Quotations

There’s a £30 minimum for all jobs with 1831; we welcome one-offs as well as multiples. Costs per unit go down when ordering in bulk. For a simple estimate, please email us your design as a .png, .jpg or pdf with as many of the following criteria as possible:

  1. Design size, and mock-up if you can.
  2. Clothing or material (cap, t-shirt, loose fabric etc) and quantity. 
  3. If you’re supplying fabric/clothing or need us to. Please indicate in your email if you’d like both options.
  4. Colour information if applicable: special colours such as flourescents, metallics; or if you need our special Pantone colour matching service.
  5. Your name and contact details.
  6. Dispatch address or if you’re able to collect.
  7. Deadline, if known.

When we have this information, we’ll be happy to provide you an estimate.



We’re frequently asked what the price is for a standard embroidery. The truth is the price varies significantly even across similar-looking designs. We look at:

  1. Design complexity
  2. Size and quantity
  3. Density of thread coverage
  4. Anticipated consultation and sampling requirements
  5. Materials and additional services needed
  6. Turnaround (including delivery charges)

Accurate quotations are based off images and information you provide: the more information you can give upfront, the better estimate we can give.


The quote we provide is based from your initial specifications, and lead-time cited is from the date you supply artwork. If specifications change or there’s a delay to supplying artwork we will need to requote, and/or update the estimated time of completion.