Specifications: Sizing, Fabrics and Colours


Please note this is a rough guide only. Maximum size may vary depending on your design and fabric type and we offer an oversized service on demand. Email us for more information.

Garments (closed): maximum embroidery design 25cm x 25cm.

Flat fabric or open clothing: maximum size 54cm x 36cm.

Text and detail will need to be sized appropriately.
24pt and above for best results across different fabrics and fonts.
Under 24pt is possible, however the outcome will vary according to font, spacing and fabric type. Testing required.

Clothing and Fabric

Embroidery works well on many different types of fabric. Medium and heavyweight, non-stretch fabrics are simplest to work with.

For unusual fabrics, lightweight materials such as chiffon, or stretch fabrics (elastane blends etc), we will need to create additional samples to give you the perfect result.

We’re happy for you to bring us fabric and garments, or we can source clothing for you from suppliers at wholesale prices.

Sourcing your own clothing

If you’re bringing your own fabric, make sure you have sufficient quantities to sample on. Things like the fabric’s age, type, weight and texture all affect the end result. If it’s an unusual or valuable item, it’s always better to have a similar piece to test on first.

As standard, we sample all embroideries on undyed calico, weight 200gsm. This gives us an accurate idea of how your embroidery will look on cotton, denim and most other non-stretch fabrics.

If your embroidery is for a different type of fabric we will need you to supply it prior to the job or accept the variability as we move between fabrics.



We have over 200 colours. We include colour-matching to our in-house thread selection, as part of our standard service. 

If you need extremely precise colours for your work please let us know as we can order additional shades. Note there is an additional fee for specialised colour-matching.

Special metallic, fluoroscent and matt threads are also available, price variable.

If you have any questions about colour-matching or any other aspect of the services we provide, contact us via email.